An overactive bladder can be a real pain. This is a condition in which you experience the urge to urine often and, in most cases, no urine actually comes out. This is a condition that many men and women of all ages face. The truth is that you don’t have to accept your overactive bladder as a chronic condition. Most people don’t realize this.

This condition is a result of an overactive detusor muscle. This is the muscle that sits ontop of the bladder. It’s job is to contract when the bladder is getting full so that the body knows that it needs to relieve the bladder. In cases of an overactive bladder, the detrusor muscle involuntarily contract constantly. This signals to the sufferer that the bladder is full, when it reality it isn’t. When these individuals go to relieve themselves, they don’t urinate that much.

This can be a stressful condition. It’s completely possible to treat this problem with Flotrol. This is an all natural bladder support supplement that is available online without a doctor’s prescription. You don’t need to worry about feeling uncomfortable speaking to your doctor if you don’t want to. This supplement will slow down the constant urge to urinate and get you back to being you.