Insanely Cool DIY Ideas for Your Car


Many people rush into garages to design or customise their cars, do they need to spend money on customisation? Or make theirs at home. Here are some insane cool ideas for your vehicles:

  1. Steering wheel cover-

Rather than using or buying a new steering wheel cover, you could make your cover by just stitching a cloth material of your liking over the steering. You could customise it any manner with any colour you want and also add on material which is comfortable for handling the wheel. This idea can save cost, instead of purchasing a new cover for the steering.

  1. Car Emergency Kit-

Car emergency can happen at any time, but by using the customised homemade emergency kit, you can evade the situation to an extent. The needed essentials for the emergency kit is several different types of bandages, eye drop, hand sanitiser, baby wipes, a small water bottle along with the necessary medicines. You can store all these items in a customised box of your preference.

  1. Gel Air Freshener-

They are very easy to make, and you can customise it according to your liking. You can make gel air freshener with essential oils. To create a natural air freshener all you need to do is combine water and essential oils which creates a scent combination.


  1. Car door fabric-

Covering your car door with cloth is a very creative idea as it gives a new look to your car as well as the door. All you need is a fabric mod podge, paint brush, a wooden stick, fabric scissors and most importantly a colourful fabric. Doing this adds to the appeal of your vehicle, and it is also cost-effective.

  1. Defogger-

This a defogger spray for the car windows which can be made using simple materials available at home such as, a mixing bowl, hot water, vinegar, a small spray bottle, a funnel and a lint-free cloth. Your windows will stay fog-free and smell great.

  1. Nail polish-

Nail polish can be used to cover up the small cracks and scratches on your car. The polish also slows down the crack in your car. You can use the colour of choice which matches with the surface of the vehicle. Rather than getting an expensive paint job, you can get the touch up with nail polish.

  1. Removing car dents-

The solution to fixing car dents is by using dry ice or a hairdryer. You can find dry ice in your local grocery store as well.  Then place the ice on the dent for a few seconds and repeat until the it disappears. Hairdryer, on the other hand, is a slightly different process, but still very quick, cheap and easy.

Top Ten Best Selling Cars of All Time

Selling Cars

There are only a few numbers of cars that made it to the top and remain in the A-list. Here are some of the best-selling cars of all time

  1. Toyota Corolla

Over 43 million have sold till date and counting. The car is not very exciting as the others, but it is beneficial. It launched in 1966, and the car offered good comfort, reliability at an affordable price. Today you will find many corollas of different generations out there on the roads.

  1. Honda civic-

Sold around 18 million cars in the past years due to its uniqueness and easy to modify platform. The car is known to be very reliable and favoured by generations of admirers around the world. It is henceforth an iconic car.


  1. Ford Escort-

Back in Europe the ford escort is known as a legend and sold about 18 million cars. The escort launched in 1968, and the car was known to be very sensible, fuel efficient and used by many at those times. It was later on taken over by the Focus.

  1. Ford Fiesta-

This car has given considerable sales to the ford of over 15 million after its introduction in 1976. There are about seven generations of fiesta worldwide. They were favoured by many for their space, versatility, performance for a small car.

  1. Chevrolet Impala-

This car is known for its size, comfortability, and luxury. Chevrolet has sold over 14 million Impalas. The car has many attributes such as high-quality interiors, high performance and attractive looks which makes it loved by all. As of today, the car is still running and selling in many countries.

  1. Volkswagen Polo-

The main reason people purchased this car is due to its practicality and sporty design. The company has sold around 12 million cars, and it is fashionable and compact especially in Europe.

  1. Honda Accord

This car has changed throughout the years since it first brought in and after that have sold over 17 million. The car is known for remaining constant and also for its quality, performance, etc. The car also offers efficiency and driving dynamics at an affordable price.

  1. Volkswagen Golf

This car was produced after that Volkswagen beetle era and has sold over 30 million. It is known for its fuel efficiency, sporty dynamics, ease of driving. The car is fun to drive, versatile as it gets.

  • Volkswagen Passat-

The car was first named as the dasher, quantum and later named as Passat. The company has sold more than 15 million worldwide, and it is known for its solid built, engines, and style which made it different from the others.

  1. BMW 3 Series-

Many around the world use this model of BMW. The company evolved the model for many years and had given the users the ultimate driving experience at an attainable price. BMW has sold over 16 million 3 Series worldwide.