Is radio still relevant today? Guide 101



Is radio still relevant today? Yes! While some people sometimes mistakenly consider radio an outdated means of message delivery the fact of the matter is the device still relevant. Even in the developed countries radio still commands a substantial portion of the market. That is why companies are willing to pay handsomely for paid radio ads; it enables firms to connect with their customers. It also entertains listeners with music, marketing messages and much more. There is absolutely nothing old school about this crucial communication tool. There are a lot of shows that has great reach among the audience. Check out best CB radios by to get more information.  Ways radio still relevant today

Targeted Ad messages

Radio allows marketers to tailor their advertising messages to a certain group of listeners only. Additionally, different radio stations are geared towards different demographics. So, depending on whom you want to reach out to (teenagers, urban men, housewives or families) by choosing the right FM station you can easily pass across your information to your target audience. Programs are also segmented according to the audience listening at any particular time. That is why programs geared towards the adults come late into the night when children are asleep.


 The Music Is Great

Everyone regardless of age and economic status loves music. Radio stations make it possible to avail it virtually everywhere; in your car, in shopping outlets, and during festivals. Radio ensures music reaches out to listeners both during the day and at night when listeners are working, playing or even sleeping. If you ever thought the number of people listening to music is small nothing could be further from the truth. Almost everyone listens to music. Studies show that 90 percent of people in developed countries listen to the radio every week.


The best Repeat-ad plan 

Psychologists posit consumers must be exposed to an ad message severally (three times minimum) before it starts to resonate. When companies review their marketing costs and put this fact into consideration, radio emerges the best medium as it offers a competitive repeat-ad plan. Radio advertising also scores highly when it comes to brand recognition. It fortifies the message better than any other alternative. Wide coverage is yet another factor; over 271 million listeners aged six and above listen to radio every week.

Suits web-based businesses

Radio provides a great way to communicate your website to a wide consumer group. As web-presence of mots present-day radio stations increase this communication channel can play a major part in your marketing campaign. Use radio to guide your listeners back to your online presence so they can learn more about your brand, product and service line. The stations that have great presenters provide a strong connection to loyal listeners, unlike other platforms in which listeners are fond of going back and forth from one channel to another.



Radio is still a potent form of communication. Even as it revolutionizes into digital forms the radio still plays a major role by providing great music for all classes of people. The digital experience will further enrich the platform allowing it to incorporate colors, pictures as well as video. Online listening radio applications uniquely balance the various modes of message delivery (visuals and audio) ensuring you get a fulfilling experience.

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Safety measure during Tyre inflation

Car inflammation

Accidents involving detach, mounting and inflation of tyres can be extremely hazardous and life threating. Some workers, employers and even the proprietors usually don’t take precautionary measures in undertaking these operations and normally regard them as “simple operations”. Among the serious consequences associated with accidents from tyre inflation include:

(A) Blowout And Explosion

Blowout usually is caused by zipper rapture, use of damaged or incompatible car components and over inflation. An explosion occurs as a result of pyrolysis of rubber compound due to the heat source. Anyone in the trajectory path of the explosion or the flying components can lose his or her hearing abilities, lose eyesight, and in worst cases killed.

(B) Handling Heavy Objects Manually

We do know that tyres and rim components can be very heavy especially when heavy mechanical vehicles are the main subject. Without proper mechanical aids handling such heavy loads may bring severe injuries such as back pain, strains, muscle injuries, ligaments, intervertebral discs injuries, sprains and even permanent disability.

(C) Tools Related Injuries

These are injuries that are caused by hand tools such as tyre levers, and compressed air.

(D) Other Causes

Failure and neglect in using safety equipment, minimal training or lack of know-how on operators and lack of compliance on the safety instructions set in the law. All these make up a recipe of serious injuries.

It’s always advisable to take precautionary measures to evade fatal injuries that would have otherwise not have occurred if compliance of the set rules were adhered to. Here are some safety measures during tyre inflation that one should follow.

l Training Workers

It’s the employers or the proprietor duty to ensure that their employees are adequately trained on the correct procedures to be followed when inflating tyres. It’s the obligation of the employer to ensure that all workers complete a thorough inflation training before assigned any work. As the employer, you should make charts and rim manuals easily accessible in the service area as well. Safety and health information should be something workers have been trained on just in case an accident occurs. Get the best ac/dc tire inflator to solve all your problems.

l Availing Proper Equipment’s

The employer and the proprietor have to provide employees with plant and systems of work that are to the set standards, safe and that don’t pose a risk on their health. High-quality equipment’s in the workplace is the first step in ensuring risks are minimized. Inspection of equipment should be done daily to ensure they are in their best-operating conditions.

l Safety Tips During Inflation

With the right equipment’s in place its also essential to follow some safety tips especially during and after inflation.


  1. One should never rest or lean on the inflation cage or the restraining device
  2. None of your body parts should be inside the inflation cage when the inflation procedure is underway.


III. One should be at least 10 feet away from the inflation cage and away from the trajectory path.


  1. In case there are adjustments to be made remember the tire must be completely deflated while still in the restraining device or the inflation cage.
  2. Never attempt to correct the lock rings or the seating of side flanges by either hammering or forcing the components when it’s inflated.
  3. Before removing the inflated tire from the cage inspect the tire and wheel components to make sure it’s properly sealed and well locked.


VII. All operators should always be on safety gear during the inflation procedure.

 Compliance With The Manufactures Specifications Of The Tyre And Rim Components

Always one should take into consideration the specifications recommended by the manufactures of the rim and the tyre and any other equipment that is used during the operation.

 Special Case Scenario Tips

Not all the tyres that can be reasonably be fitted in a restraining device or a cage and when such a scenario occurs a safe system of work should be formulated to ensure that work is done is a safe environment and the level of safety is complied with. These tips will guide you through in devising the new system.


  • Ensure the tire is securely restrained
  • In case of a blowout or an explosion, the effects are contained safely


III. A safe distance should be maintained during the process and no one should be within the trajectory danger zone.


  1. References on the manufacturer specification should always be made or any other equipment applicable during the procedure.


To minimize the risks involved during tyre inflation the workers should follow the safety tips listed above and always make a reference to the manufacturer specifications.

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